Friday, October 8, 2010

Yes! Shabbos is Coming!

Before someone chooses to remind me that Shabbos comes 52 times in the year, let me explain why this particular Shabbos has me so excited. Apparently, despite all the shopping, cooking and hard work that Yom Tov brought for the past weeks, I am going through Holiday Withdrawal Syndrome. It felt so strange to me this week not to be hurrying on Sunday or Monday to get the grocery shopping done. Somehow the kitchen looked so empty without all the pots bubbling on the stove and the island looking so vastly empty. The refrigerator looked so huge inside and so empty--where were all the containers of goodies that everyone would stop and sample? I found myself at work on Wednesday night instead of bentching lecht for yom tov, and I confess I missed that yom tov feeling.

So that's why I'm so happy that Shabbos is coming. Yesterday I went grocery shopping and when I entered the supermarket there was that feeling of coming home. I'm back to planning menus. The pots are once again where they should be--on the stove, not in the cupboards. I will stand in front of my lachter once again ,and when I open my eyes and see the flickering candles I will immediately be washed over by that feeling of peace and rightness that always comes with bentching lecht.

So yes, Shabbos is coming! And I, for one, can't wait.


G6 said...

I too, often suffer from PSSD (Post Simcha Stress Disorder - which can also be applied to Yomim Tovim...especially three day ones), which is probably why I filled my table to the max with guests this week. I needed to recreate that WONDERFUL madness.

Thanks for making me feel less alone.

Oh! And have a GREAT SHABBOS :D

Abba's Rantings said...

i guess we have the complete opposite situation. we stayed with friends for the first and last days of sukkot and were spared the whole cooking hassle.

this week are going to my brother for shabbat. apparently we got used to not haveing to cook and we can't handle it now even for one day of meals.

(if you really have yontef preparation withdrawal, the best antitode is invite 50 guests for lunch. that will fill up your fridge again.)

shabbat shalom

pst said...

At least Shabbos is not three days ;)

Rae said...

I'm looking forward to this Shabbos too but for a different reason. Everyone came to us over the chagim. This Shabbos we're going to be the ones going away and being guests. We'll still get all the people to talk with but my house just might stay clean for a day or two. And yes, while those cooking pots might smell really good I won't miss having to clean them.

Have a good Shabbos.

Abbas Rantings said...


for some people in japan it's 2 days