Friday, October 29, 2010

Err, What Season is It?

I was thrilled to be out shopping yesterday, and yes, coming from me that is an amazing statement given my feelings about shopping in general. Why was I thrilled? Because finally I saw some indication that Autumn had finally arrived in New York. Everywhere you look in SI you are going to see trees, lots of trees, and finally those trees are beginning to look like they should, decked in shades of gold and burgundy and caramel. Finally the wind has brought a shower of leaves down to the lawn. And finally those summer blooming plants are taking a hint and winding down. There's something disconcerting about knowing that you've been back in school for two months, that the holidays are long past and that your petunias are still pouting prettily.

Figuring out what to wear may finally get easier. When you leave early in the morning and don't return until late at night, how to get dressed lately has been an issue. Truly strange to have a heavy jacket on the seat next to you while you need to turn on the air conditioning in the car. Shivering and sweating because you are suddenly not dressed right for the weather, both on the same day, is not fun.

The weather forecasters are saying that they believe New York will get a much milder winter than last year. So, autumn will first arrive in November, and winter will arrive when? And it's not just us. Denver, Colorado is expecting 77 degree weather tomorrow. That's Denver where snowfall at the end of October is common.

It's bad enough when balabustas sometimes rearrange the furniture in their homes. Family members stumble around, bumping into furniture that is suddenly where it doesn't belong. When mother nature rearranges the weather we also stumble around. Is it really too much to ask to have one week--okay, even one day--where the weather is as expected?


tesyaa said...

I notice you don't use the words "global" or "warming". Avoiding controversy today? :)

Abba said...

maybe you should use the opportunity finally to take down the sukkah?
good shabbos

Rachel said...

You're making a big mistake. We don't have four seasons, we only have two. They are Wiautum and Sprummer. Right now we are getting a mix of the Wiautum weather. And sometimes seasons can overlap, so we also got a little Sprummer weather thrown in. Four seasons? A thing of the past.