Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A To-do List Reminder

Just a friendly reminder of a few things to have on your to-do list for yom tov. In the hustle and bustle to get ready some things could slip your mind.

1. Eruv tavshilin--because yom tov goes straight into Shabbos you'll need this if you want to do any cooking for Shabbos on yom tov.

2. Toilet paper--whatever amount of pre-torn paper you use for Shabbos, quadruple it for this yom tov/shabbos combination. Having company? Add even more.

3. Foil and plastic wraps--those pre-cut foil sheets are great if you only need them for something small. Be safe--tear a few extra sheets of the larger foil and some sheets of the plastic wrap just in case you need them for yom tov. They won't go to waste.

4. Shabbos clocks--whatever shabbos clocks you use for the lights may have to be adjusted as to on/off times due to the longer davening on yom tov. Look at your schedule now and adjust accordingly. Eating by candlelight is only "romantic" in a novel.

5. If you have a sabbath mode stove, make yourself a visible reminder note to set the stove to sabbath mode before yom tov. Cold chicken is okay, but cold raw chicken could cause a problem.

6. Power off any electronic devices you won't be using over yom tov, such as your computer, cell phone, blackberry etc.. You don't need the drain on the power source and neither does the environment.

7. Take out your smile and paste firmly on your lips. Sure, yom tov is a lot of work, but it's work that brings joy in its wake. Don't forget to put that joy on the to-do list.

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