Thursday, September 16, 2010

In Case You Didn't Have Enough to Worry About

Today's JWR also had an article on the connection between tooth/gum health and Alzheimers disease. Not felicitous reading on a day I have a major appointment with the dentist. Not enough that I'm going to lose a couple of teeth--I could also lose my mind along with them.

Nonetheless, it's one more very good reason to see to it that we and our kids spend that two minutes in serious brushing.


Trudy said...

Pulling teeth right before Yom Kippur? There are better ways to do teshuvah than exposing yourself to dental pain. Hope it goes well.

Gmar chasimah tovah.

Abba said...

i hope it went well yesterday. i remember a previous post you wrote about the dentist. i too hate going to the dentist. it's always bad news. i've thought of just pulling all my teeth and being done with it.

i wouldn't make too much of that study yet, alzheimer's in general is still a medical black hole. although good dental hygiene is never a bad idea.

have an easy fast

ProfK said...

Thanks for the kind wishes Abba. There's a yiddish expression "ah zah yahr off alleh meine sonim" that pretty much sums up yesterday's experience. And I'm not finished with the torture yet.

An easy fast and a gmar tov to you as well.