Sunday, April 11, 2010

An Interesting Posting on Shaimos

Harry-er has an interesting posting up about the shaimos burial problem going on in the Lakewood area of NJ.

I would imagine that what is happening there is going to be, if it already isn't, a problem in most of the eastern urban centers. Where are you going to bury shaimos if you don't live where open ground is available, as it is not in the larger urban centers? Even those with their own backyards will run out of room much sooner than later.

I wouldn't mind seeing some rabbinic conference that specifically dealt with this subject in a realistic way. Klal is growing so this problem will only get bigger, not smaller, as time goes on. Should be interesting to see how Lakewood's situation resolves itself and what the rabbanim are going to say/do in response.

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tesyaa said...

It's not just the number of people in the community that is growing. The number of pages of shaimos are growing rapidly. Instead of just tattered siddurim and chumashim, shaimos includes everything from kids' projects and homework assignments, divrei Torah printed out from the Internet, and even, according to some people, periodicals such as Hamodia and Mishpacha magazine. It's ridiculous how much there is.