Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Music from In Der Heim

That place we fondly call In Der Heim doesn't exist anymore, and hasn't for decades. But thanks to the wonder of computers and the Internet, bits and pieces of that In Der Heim are available for us to see and hear. The music linked to below is accompanied by pictures of Jews and life in the shtetls of yesteryear. Not a comprehensive listing by any means but certainly a flavorful bite. Just a suggestion--share these with your children. And while you are at it, tell them the stories of their great grandparents and great greats and and the bits and pieces of your personal family history that are going to form the family mesorah that is their inheritance.

rare old Russian Jewish songs and dances, with a video of pictures from life in Russia 100-200 years

1938-9 Jewish Life in Cracow (Kazimierz)

Jewish folklore from Romania before WW2

Boris Savchuk - Oyfen Pripitchik - Authentic Jewish melody This song illustrates the Jewish community life in Eastern Europe, most of which was destroyed in the Holocaust.

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