Sunday, January 3, 2010

In God we trust

Personally, I have never understood how people can NOT believe that there is a God. I look around at the world and shake my head--none of this is even remotely possible as an "accident." And then there is this.

Not long ago friends of ours got the kind of news that no person and certainly no parents should ever have to hear: their child had contracted a deadly disease. The doctors were not optimistic. They would try but did not hold out much hope. The parents dealt with the doctors and pushed for anything that might help, but their prayers went winging heavenward, as did all of ours. They put their faith in He who is rofeh cholim.

Tonight we will all gather to celebrate with that family, celebrate with hearts that are overflowing. What are we celebrating? The engagement of the child the doctors were so sure was not going to make it. You want to call it a vort that we will be attending, fine, do so. But we are all calling it a seudah ho'doah. Truly, "hodu la'shem ki tov." Tonight there will be no person looking at this engagement and sniffing about outlay and expenditure. Tonight there will be no discussion about the overly extravagant engagements in Klal. Tonight what there will be is joy and happiness and tears of gratitude that such an occasion came to be. Tonight there will be thanks going upwards to God for bestowing blessings on this family.

To choson and kallah I wish the abundance of blessings that God holds ready to bestow. May they be zocheh to build a bayis ne'eman b'Yisroel. May they be zocheh to arichas yomim. May their parents and all of us see much nachas from this couple. And may all of us be zocheh to see our children married in freiden and in gezundt, with God's help.


Anonymous said...

We are going to a vort tonight with the exact circumstances you described and I can't believe that there are two like this so we are probably going to the same vort. Agree that in addition to all the mazel tovs to the family and the chosom and kallah there are going to be lots of thanks to Hashem for His part in this. What evidence more does anyone need that Hashem is m'zaveg zivugim?

G6 said...

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

23 years ago the doctors told us our oldest would not live to see his next birthday. God had other plans. That child just made us grandparents for the first time. Yes it is hodu lashem. To this kallah we wish all good things but the most important is that Hashem should continue to watch out for her.

Lita said...

Obviously we should consult with the experts out there when something goes wrong. What we shouldn't do is assume they have godlike qualities or that they know everything. They're men. In the end it's what God decides that will happen.

How wonderful for your friends to see this simcha when they have had such tsar.

Rae said...

Mazel tov! And may you always go for simchas. I cannot even begin to imagine what these parents have gone through but it seems clear to me that God took a hand the result is a beautiful one.