Tuesday, February 5, 2008

All Roads Lead to Rome

The New York Metropolitan area has a plethora of transportation choices available for those who are trying to get here. There are three major airports in the area and 4 smaller ones as well. There are multiple train stations. There are any number of subway lines. There are buses galore, both local and express, both public and private. There are public livery cabs and private car services. There are cars and vans. There are motorbikes and regular bikes. There are skateboards and rollerskates. And there are two feet, people powered. Anyone who wants to come to NY can make it here.

Now granted, the various systems sometimes get clogged with traffic. Sometimes one choice of transportation may suffer delays. Sometimes one form of transport may break down or have an accident. Sometimes traffic bogs down. Sometimes a storm can blow and snarl things for a while. But a smart person understands that such glitches can and do happen. A smart person says "If not this way, then another way." A smart person does not remain on a clogged traffic artery, inching along with no end in sight. A smart person gets off at the next exit and finds an alternate route to NY. Because, you see, it is not HOW you get to NY that is as important as THAT you get to NY.

Now think marriage instead of NY. Everything said about getting to NY applies to getting married as well. Sometimes we try one route and get bogged down. Time to try another route, a different approach. Sometimes we are so stuck on our mode of transportation that we forget just where it is that we are going. And sometimes we are so fixated on arriving in Brooklyn that we forget that the City is made up of five Boroughs and lots of suburbs, that Metropolitan New York is far vaster then we think.

People in shidduchim need to look at a map with greater clarity. They need to see that there is not necessarily one approach, only one road to take, only one means of transportation. They need to broaden their outlook when it comes to how to get "there." Because you see, all roads lead to Rome, all of them. Unless you really enjoy sitting in stalled traffic, try a different route. You're all going to arrive here, some a little sooner, some a little later, but you'll all get here. Bon Voyage!


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but that's just not true. Some of us get so bogged down by side trips (i.e. responsibilities) that we never do get to what we thought was going to be our destination.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the shidduch problems in NYC can all be blamed on the NY Transportation Commissioner. Maybe a class action suit would help?

And you're still being upbeat. Don't know how much more sweetness I can takebefore I develop sugar problems. Please, a little rant? Complain about cakes or cookies or pie dough, just please complain!

ProfK said...

Just a little "English-teacherism" here. A side trip is a journey with a destination, which is other than the destination understood for the first journey. A detour is an alternate route towards a destination; the destination doesn't change, only the way of getting there.

Anonymous said...

And sometimes the traffic is so bad in New York that you just might decide that an out of town destination makes more sense. Lots of beautiful places in the US that are lots easier to navigate then NY.

Bas~Melech said...

I prefer the scenic route.