Thursday, March 11, 2010

On Passover Discounts

I noticed something just a bit strange going on in a couple of the major supermarkets this week. I was doing my non-perishable shopping for Pesach and some items were clearly marked on sale. But it was when I got to the register that I got my surprise. Every one of the for Pesach only products, even the ones already on sale, got a deduction in price at the register. At Pathmark this was noted as Passover Discount on the register tape. That extra discount on the Pesach products reduced my total from 108.60 to 61.40. The same thing happened at Shoprite; a bunch of price reductions showed up that weren't indicated on the shelves. Stop and Shop had some really wild sales going on today on their huge selection of Passover products. Their Gefen spices were 10 for $10 or $1.00 each. My husband looked at the Kolel store in Borough Park and the prices were way higher.

I finally spoke to one of the market managers, first to thank him for the "extra gift" and then to ask why. Pragmatism on the part of the markets. Their products have been out for a few weeks already and they want to sell them all off. Having any leftover special Passover products after the yom tov is over is a loss for them because no one will buy them at anywhere near the full price or even their cost price. They are making the push to sell now.

For those who have these supermarkets available and who have the space to store the non-perishables, it pays to check if your branch is also offering this Pesach discount. And please, don't think that if you buy closer to Pesach you will be getting a fresher product. These products were manufactured ages ago and they won't be any fresher later on.


Lion of Zion said...

thanks for the tip. we don't usually shop in supermarkets.
but how do i know what is on superduper sale if it's not marked?

ProfK said...

Some of those sale prices are on the shelves, like the 10 for $10 on the spices. But for any additional items, just go up to the customer service desk and ask what additional discount might come up--they can scan the item for you up there. A Barton's chocolate product that didn't show a sale on the shelf came up at 1/2 price when they scanned it for me.

One other thing, some of the markets give you the discount only when you give them your store card to scan. Applying for the card is free and you get it right on the spot.

SuperRaizy said...

That is a good tip. Pesach prices are insane. Last year I spent over $400 on groceries, just for the 4 of us. This year I'm planning to try Fairway in Red Hook. They have a big kosher section and much better prices than the kosher supermarkets do.

Anonymous said...

This is the first year we are living near any big supermarkets and I was just so surprised by all the kosher for passover products they have for sale. I'll be able to get everything I need so no having to take a ride into Bklyn. to go shopping. I also saw a lot of items on sale and the prices were really good.

Just curious though, didn't Bartons go out of business?

Anonymous said...

I just purchased a bunch of cheese for Pesach and the prices were LOWER than they normally are during the rest of the year!


Anonymous said...

The Lawrence Costco's cheeses & meats are kosher l'Pesach without being more expensive!

chol hamoed too said...

Thanks for the tip. However, I wonder if that is just at some specific stores or at all stores of those chains.

Along lines of what you wrote, I believe that they have big sales of Pesach prices on chol hamoed too. I did some good shopping on the last day last year. Or perhaps that is the stores that don't have the sales now to clear the stuff out, that have it a few weeks later?