Friday, March 5, 2010

A Bit of Work Now

I am definitely a paper and pencil person, or computer and printer person. I make lists, and I do it for everything and anything. Before Pesach those lists are real life savers. I keep my lists on file on my computer. A posting I did a few years ago gives a basic idea of the types of lists that can help keep the Pesach-making insanity at bay.

Not mentioned in that posting is also a different list that lots of balabustas keep--what things did I store away last year that I won't need to buy for this year. Look at the expiration dates on some of those products--many are for 2011 or 2012, if not later. If they can be kept in a store's warehouse for all that time, they can just as easily be kept in my Pesach cupboard. What items have I carried over for this year? Among other things, salt, honey, cocoa, herbal tea bags and a few boxes of those Pesach sweeteners that no one will touch after Pesach anyway. I tape the list of what I have stored for the next year on the inside door of the cabinet where they are being stored. No more guesswork and no more waste.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to the link for the post with the lists. My first year doing pesach in my house and I didn't even know where to start. Lots of people who were giving out advice but I have a question. Is it really that hard to do pesach? Some of my friends tell me I'm behind already and some tell me to stop worrying it doesn't take more then a week total to do it all. Is one group right? Are they both wrong?

Rae said...

Anon, there is no right or wrong when it comes to Pesach. If it's your first time do you already have pots and dishes and stuff like that or do you have to buy? If you don't have then get them now. Do you work full time? Start the cleaning now and do it in small bits because you don't have all day in that last week to do everything. Is it a house or an apartment that needs cleaning? Going to take less time in a smaller place and more time in a larger place.

My advice? Since it's your first time start now. You'll know better for next year based on your experience from this year just what amount of time everything takes.

Anonymous said...

Whether you're behind or not depends on whether you have a large house to clean vs. a small apartment; whether you're having lots of guests, or not; whether you're making the seders, or not; whether you have small children, or not; whether you work outside the home and have limited time to prepare, or not. So your friends may all be right!

Aviva said...

I agree with Rae and Tesyaa that there are lots of possibilities in deciding whether you are behind or not. You also have to ask yourself if all you want is to have the house pesachdike, kosher enough for Pesach or if you are also going to do some spring cleaning along with the prep. If you're not going to be rippi8ng apart closets and shampooing rugs then you could still have time, or maybe not. I think Rae's advice was good. Since you've never done this before start now and next year you'll know better when you need to start or not.