Friday, March 12, 2010

A Little Note on Coke and Pepsi

Regular classic Coke and plain diet Coke as well as regular Pepsi and diet Pepsi have hechsherim for Pesach. The color of the caps for Coke is yellow, but still check that the OUP is on the top. The Pepsi will have KP on the cap. Only the two liter bottles will have the Pesach hechsher. If you plan on buying these sodas for Pesach I'd do it now. It's not just that there is a limited supply of the Pesach soda, but it's also that frum people are going to have competition for buying the products.

The Pesach sodas are made using sugar, not corn syrup. A whole lot of people who aren't Jewish who prefer both the taste and the fact that the Pesach soda doesn't have the corn syrup. I know people who wait a whole year for this "better" soda to become available and they stock up when the stores start selling it. One market is totally sold out of its very large first delivery with only two more deliveries to go.

So, if it's on your shopping list and you see it, grab it because it just may not be there later.


Anonymous said...

Soda isn't so healthy anyway. No reason to rush to grab it.

ProfK said...

I am neither approving nor disapproving of drinking soda here. This post is informational. If you drink soda you might want to buy it now. If you don't drink soda then it doesn't apply.

Lion of Zion said...

hah! i was thinking along tesyaa's lines.
but then again, we should probably ban most of the pesach fare!

G6 said...

I couldn't find any caffeine free diet Coke out there.
I'm wondering if they made it.

ProfK said...

No caffeine free Coke for Pesach, only Pepsi caffeine free diet.