Monday, January 25, 2010

It's Raining, It's Pouring

As I write this, NYC is getting drenched. Of course it is--the new term starts today and I'll be teaching. I seem to be batting 100%. It has either rained or snowed every day that I have taught now for years. It doesn't matter what days are on my schedule--if I'm teaching the weather will be icky. The only time this doesn't happen as a regular occurrence is if I'm teaching summer school, and even there, the summers I taught were unusually rainy ones. I actually once had a student who told me that he'd love to take another course with me but he couldn't deal with the weather I seem to bring in my wake.

Everyone in my family frowned at me this morning, either in person or over the phone. They looked out their windows and then put 2+2 together--clearly I'm back to work.

You think I don't bring rain in my wake, that it's a joke? Last week we were in Las Vegas for five days--and it rained all five days. Not just rained but poured. The local weather forecasters were announcing that this was the rainiest week in LV history since they've been tracking the weather. In five days they got six months worth of rain. I made the mistake of bringing a few papers to revise with me to LV--clearly Mother Nature considered this as
"working" and let it pour.

If you're considering making a simcha in the next few months let me give you a weather thumbs up--I'll be working Mondays and Wednesdays and alternate Tuesdays. Don't say I didn't warn you.


BD said...

So it's still happening? As an ex-student of the Prof I can back up her statements. The only time the weather was good in the term I had her was when we had off from school. Anybody living in a drought area might want to import her for a term to solve their water problems.

A said...

It's nice to know that I'm not the only person with a special power. I have the power to make any and every line I'm standing on take longer than any other line in whichever store/bank/post office I'm in. Inevitably there will be a problem with 1 or more people in the line in front of me. Be it outdated coupons, pricing errors, unsigned checks, 60 pieces of mail that have to be individually handled, etc. I suffer standing behind them all. And anyone standing behind me should be forewarned.

G6 said...

You should move to Eretz Yisroel!!!
They'd love you there :D

Kayla said...

Can I assume from the weather this morning that you have changed days for some reason and are working today? The snow was not supposed to happen--just a little rain.