Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Yet Another Shortage

Today it was reported that the two countries in Asia which are the world's suppliers of vanilla pods have had a severe reduction in the crop.  They cannot afford to absorb any losses, so prices for basic product are going to go up.  What this means is that products which contain vanilla are going to cost more, and vanilla will be scarcer in our stores and markets.  There is an estimate that vanilla ice cream, for instance, may see price hikes of 10 to 20 percent.  You can also expect to see those price hikes in commercial bakery goods and in the manufactured baked goods sold in stores--cookies, snack foods etc..  You will also see it in the vanilla available for sale for baking/cooking purposes.  Vanilla is also used as a flavor enhancer in many products where we may not be aware that there is any vanilla, products like ready-made drinks and sodas, cake mixes etc..

Oh joy, yet something else that is going to cost more.


tesyaa said...

more gloom & doom :(

JS said...

On the other hand, a good excuse to save some money by not buying all the junk food and lose a bit of the soon-to-b-gained Pesach weight.