Wednesday, November 2, 2011

2 of my Favorite Topics: Writing and Shidduchim

If anyone still believes that Business Writing as a college-level course shouldn't be given, because, after all, we learned everything we ever will need to know about writing for business in 6th grade, please go on over to the Orthonomics blog for a prime example of why those with only a sixth grade education in business writing should NOT be allowed to put pen to paper.

As to shidduchim, don't you just love it when someone supposedly representing an organization under the auspices of a lot of choshuv rabbanim (whose names nobody will give us) says that it is perfectly okay to "beg, borrow and steal" to come up with the money to pay for the shadchanim being discussed, because, after all, this is shidduchim we are talking about. Clearly this group's organizers are fans of the NY State lottery; their theme seems to be "You've got to be in it to win it" and "You've got to pay to play."


Orthonomics said...

This is, to date, the most pitiful drivel I've ever seen. While the writing is atrocious, the logic is even worse.

Here is the full link:

JS said...

Your point about business writing is well-taken. However, do you really think someone who writes so poorly and thinks so illogically is really college material? Better yet, do you really think a course such as the one you teach could actually help such an individual? It seems to me this person isn't even writing at close to a 6th grade level. If I handed this in in 6th grade I would have gotten a terrible mark or, more likely, received an F. This is a result of a complete and total lack of English education from a very young age. This isn't an ESL situation; this is a native English speaker with absolutely no education in the English language. Such a person doesn't belong in college and I highly doubt college would help such an individual. They certainly shouldn't be running a communal institution and I wouldn't trust them to handle large sums of money in trust for others.

As for shidduchim and cheating and stealing, it speaks volumes. This is a twisted form of Judaism that is a tumor that needs to be excised before its influence further metastasizes. They're so wrapped up in their way of thinking they can't even see how perverse it is. Perhaps worse, they don't even see how they got to this point and are thus unable to backtrack and right the course. The fundamental principles upon which all these crises stand are the real problems, but no one even realizes anymore that there's another way.

The shidduch crisis solely exists because men and women can't freely meet. The manner and age at which they can meet is strictly proscribed. The tuition crises solely exists because we've said that a Jewish education can only be achieved through complete segregation in our own private schools.

frum single female said...

yes and if you don't pay a shadchan you won't have kids. blah, blah, blah.