Sunday, August 21, 2011

First in California...where next?

Thanks to the Professor at Life on a Cotton Ball for reaffirming my faith in our legislative systems--NOT. I wake up every Sunday morning with the positive attitude that this week will be different: this week will be the week that the mistakes of the past will be recognized and steps taken to immediately establish changes that will be helpful for us. Yeah, just call me a cockeyed optimist. And no, this is not going to be that week either.

The legislators of the great state of California (irony intended), apparently having nothing better to do, voted to require all institutions providing hospitality--think hotels and motels--to use only fitted sheets on their beds. Oh yes, and they specifically included that the state won't be paying any of the monies required to meet this new legislation--the hospitality industry will have to meet the expenses to be in compliance.

Frankly, many years ago the truly mentally deficient were sent to state-sponsored residential institutions. In modern times that was deemed as politically/socially/humanely incorrect. Instead, someone apparently came up with a different, "better" way to care for these people-- they are duly elected to state legislatures, where they get to play with others just like themselves, and create havoc for the rest of us.

You think not? Go to the link below. The Professor has the link to the actual legislation. Mind boggling doesn't even begin to cover it.


frum single female said...

Does this mean there will be no fitted sheets under the blankets but over the bottom fitted sheets? If so this is really gross. Good thing i don't plan on travelling anywhere any time soon, otherwise i will have to be bringing by own fitted sheets.

ProfK said...

frum single female,
The legislation refers only to the sheet covering the mattress. Apparently they consider that putting a flat sheet on a mattress is an OSHA problem--Occupational Safety Hazzard. But since they did not vote to get rid of the sheet under the blanket, whoever is making the bed will still need to tuck a flat sheet under that mattress along with the blanket.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link:)

Sorry for damaging your weeks positive beginning :(

From what I understood the main reason for the legislation is that using flat sheets can hurt the backs of the people making the beds. The bills sponsors mother used to be a hotel maid, so 'its an issue dear to his heart'.

ProfK said...

Sorry Professor, but I have reason to believe that the sponsor has never made up a bed with the type of linen that motels/hotels use, and neither has anyone else who voted for this insane legislation.

As I mentioned above, there are two sheets used in making a hotel bed, so making the mattress sheet a fitted sheet does not rid one of the bending over necessary to tuck in the flat sheet that goes under the blanket. And trying to put a snug fitting fitted sheet on the mattress doesn't save much of the bending and work involved either. Add in that most hotels use queen or king sized beds, requiring a whole lot of that bending/tugging/lifting and running from side to side that a flat sheet would, even if a fitted sheet is used.

As Shakespeare put it so well, this legislation is "full of the sound and fury, signifying nothing."