Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Changing Rhythm

This is a strange time of year. For families with children the school year is almost over. Final projects are done and tests studied for and it's obvious to everyone that things are winding down. All colleges, regardless of term length, have finished final exams and summer school has yet to begin.

The Jewish calendar is a benign one for balabustas--the next major holiday won't come until September. We've got a month until the three weeks begin. There's no frenetic activity required right now. Even on the secular calendar July 4th is not around the corner.

Here in NY even the weather has decided to take a small break from the rush it was in to bring in summer with a bang. Temperatures were beautiful this week, making it a time to just get out of the house and take a walk and commune with nature.

Politics never takes a vacation, but even in this arena things have been fairly quiet this week. There has been no major scandal, in Klal or outside of it. Even most of the blogs have slowed their pace. It seems as if there is nothing which MUST be talked about right this minute. (Obvious exception is the ongoing question of yeshiva tuition, but that's more akin to having a bad allergy--even when you think you have it under control it's always right there under the surface, waiting to erupt if given the slightest encouragement.)

I'm enjoying this slight lull in the storm of life. I ripped up my to do list with the exception of cooking meals and preparing for Shabbos--everything else is just going to have to wait while I take a deep breath and appreciate what I have right now. I watch the chipmunks playing tag outside my office door and think to myself "I can do that--I can relax and be laid back for a few days." Now all I have to do is to remember how.

This week is a treasure that I'm going to savor while it's here. The memory that things can sometimes be just fine is what gets me and a lot of others through the frenetic pace of the rest of the year. Whatever you are doing and wherever you are I hope that you, too, are savoring that all too short time before summer comes roaring in.


Lion of Zion said...

Enjoy the down time

as far as the lull btw Shavuot and three weeks, I guess that explains why my son has 2 uncalled for early
dismissals coming up. With no holidyas coming up my wife (who naturally is home all the time) will have no watching him

I guess I'm very Allergic?

Lion of Zion said...

No problem watching him