Wednesday, November 4, 2009

If You're Missing Having a Holiday

Lots of people who felt a real letdown after Sukkot was over. Suddenly we were faced with a huge swathe of time until our next holiday. Even those for whom Thanksgiving works as a celebratory day felt bereft with nothing coming sooner. For those of you who need a "special" day to look forward to, I offer the following, all celebrated in the month of November. If you want to see the full range of special days and weeks November contains or special month-long celebrations, please go to

1--Zero Tasking Day
2--Plan Your Epitaph Day
3--Sandwich Day
4--Use Your Common Sense Day
5--National Men Make Dinner Day
7--International Tongue Twister Day
10--Area Code Day
13--World Kindness Day
14--National American Teddy Bear Day
15--America Recycles Day
17--Homemade Bread Day
19--World Toilet Day
20--Name Your PC Day
27--Buy Nothing Day
29--Electronic Greetings Day

I'm also particularly taken with National Teens Don't Text and Drive Week (22-28) and Pursuit of Happiness Week (8-14). And how can you not love a month that dedicates a month-long celebration for each of the following: Sweet Potatoes, Peanut Butter, Georgia Pecans, and Pomegranates. A star to the first reader that can devise a recipe (edible by humans please) that uses all four ingredients in one dish.

There, now wasn't that better than a rant or a deep philosophical discussion on some esoteric aspect of the human condition?


Ruth said...

As long as I don't have to shop, cook or clean up for these holidays then sure, let's have them. Not sure about today's holiday though. Whole lot of people who haven't got much common sense. Maybe they'll find some today?

Anonymous said...

Who thinks up these things?! Are we really so short of things to celebrate that we have to celebrate area codes?

G6 said...

If tomorrow is National Men Make Dinner Day, I'm surprised they didn't allocate Friday as

Thanks, but no thanks.
(I should post about the "DH makes salmon croquettes" wasn't pretty.....)

G6 said...

"A star to the first reader that can devise a recipe (edible by humans please) that uses all four ingredients in one dish."

TWO STARS to the first reader who eats the resulting concoction... :D

ProfK said...

We fudge the Dinner Day just a bit. It counts if my husband stops at the pizza shop and picks up dinner. But he only gets the full points if the dishes from dinner magically disappear. Salmon croquettes huh--I sense a story there.