Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Hachnosos Orchim Reminder

It's only a couple of weeks until Yom Tov. Balabustas all over are busy making shopping and cooking plans. Guest lists are being firmed up. And once again I'm asking that we all expand our ideas of who goes on that guest list.

There are singles of every type, young to old, who will be alone, yet again, for yom tov, and not by choice. Please, don't assume that these people are going to ask you if they can share a yom tov meal with you--it's not the way hospitality should work. Please, YOU be the one to ask someone if they would like to come for a meal.

And for those older people among us? They may be happy to have a meal in their own home, but they need help in getting everything they need into their homes. You're already going to be shopping for your family--how difficult is it to pick up a few extra items and deliver them to someone whose mobility is not as easy as yours? How difficult is it to offer a ride to the store to someone who doesn't drive themselves?

There is also this. Some of the older members of our communities can still make it to shul but could use an "escort" when they walk. They feel more secure with someone by their side, someone they can lean on if need be. You're going to shul anyway, so why not stop by and walk with an older person to shul?

I hope that yom tov will be joyous for all of us, and I mean ALL of us. We can make it that way. Please do.


Anonymous said...

Excellent reminder. Thank you. To that, I would add that just because an older person has relatives, sadly you can't assume that the relative, whether its a child or grandchild, is performing these functions.

SuperRaizy said...

Thank you for the reminder. There is someone in my neighborhood who I should definitely invite over for a meal.
To add to what you said:
Please don't forget the boys in our community who don't have a father to take them to shul. If you know of such a child, call his mother before the holidays and offer to take her son to shul and let him sit with you.

G6 said...

Excellent Post!
מי כעמך ישראל