Sunday, December 21, 2008

Still Good Advice

Chanukah begins tonight, and while danger may be the last thing that is in our minds, perhaps we need to add "avoid danger" to our list of what we need to prepare. I wrote this post last year and I believe that the advice in it is still good advice.

Let's all have a freilachen Chanukah, one unspoiled by dangerous situations.

ADDENDUM: Given the weather conditions in most of the country, those of you who are traveling to be together with family and friends please be cautious while driving. Give yourself extra time to get where you are going; even for a punctuality nut like me, better to be late than sorry. And please, this is not the time to drag out the old "seatbelts are for sissies" line--use them! Might be useful to travel with a shovel in the trunk as well.

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Anonymous said...

A happy and safe Chanukah to you and yours.