Thursday, April 2, 2009

Plug In, Tune Out

It has happened to me frequently that I've purchased an item for my use and, after having used it for a while, I've found ways that the manufacturer could have improved on the product. Sometimes a design flaw becomes obvious on first use; other times the flaw only becomes noticeable with continued or heavy use. Some manufacturers know that certain parts of an item they produce will become worn out before the rest of the item and they let you know that up front. Sometimes the item comes with a replacement part right from the beginning. Sometimes there are special attachments that can be used when needed.

Given the past few weeks and the lead up to Pesach, I've been spending some time thinking up improvements on an item that has become indespensible but that could use a bit of re-design. That item is me. Last I looked human beings come fully loaded and ready for use, but with no attachments to deal with special situations. I sure wish they did. Right about now I could use an extra arm/hand combination, maybe even two. And yes, I could surely use those vaunted "eyes in the back of my head" for 360 degree vision.

I surely wish that I had come with a battery charger included, one that would guarantee that I would have all the bars needed to function at top form. Perhaps the "manufacturer" could have included a warning on the original packaging: "Not for continuous use. Product must be allowed to rest between usings to allow for energy re-buildup. Failure to observe this will result in product's not working to full capacity. Furthermore, excess use will void the warrantee."

No matter where you are holding in the preparations for Pesach, you need to heed one basic rule for machine usage: When your get up and go has gotten up and gone, take a break and let your "power" build back up. No need to feel guilty, no need to feel as if you should be doing something--you are doing something: you're recharging your batteries. And as every owner of electronic doodads knows, you can't hurry the recharging process.

Sorry, I have to sign off now--I've got to go plug myself into a cup of coffee. Maybe even two cups.


Lion of Zion said...

let's not underestimate how much modern science can accomplish for those who need a replacement, attachment, etc.

"Not for continuous use"


as long as the family isn't inquiring about a return or trade-in policy for the entire unit, don't worry.

Leahle said...

Family wouldn't get anything on a trade-in on me right now. Think the insurance company might just recommend junking me. This week is not crazy enough my hub got strep. Want to bet on which kid will need to see the doctor erev Pesach? Be thankful if it was only your inanimate object that got ill--could have been worse.

The coffee sounds like a great idea if only I could remember where I put it when I moved it out of its regular place.