Monday, June 30, 2008

Chez K_____

While I'm on the subject of cleaning, the following is a notice that was placed on the pillows of all living in my house at the time. Sometimes you need to make your point about cleaning being everyone's job, not just yours.

Chez K______

We thank you for choosing Chez K_____ as your destination. To make your stay a more pleasant one, management is informing you of the following house rules:

1. We pride ourselves on providing adequate closet and drawer storage space. May we suggest that if you do not have sufficient space to put away clothes and shoes, that you have more clothes and shoes than what you can actually use.
a. Old shoes should be thrown into the trash receptacle provided in the kitchen area.
b. Clothing should be placed in plastic bags and placed in the collection spot provided in the office.
c. Shoes that you wear should be placed neatly into closets, not on the floors in the bedroom areas.
d. Any clothing that is actually worn by you should be present in your sleeping rooms only—the living and dining areas are not to be used for this purpose.
e. Exception—coats should be hung up in the closet provided for this purpose. Please look at any coats in that closet and place coats that are not worn any longer into the plastic bags in the collection spot.
f. All scarves and gloves should be placed in the bins on the shelf in the coat closet that have been purchased precisely for this purpose.
g. Clothing that has been worn once and will be worn again before being washed should be either placed in drawers or hung up.
2. Our laundress has other responsibilities in addition to the laundry; therefore, laundry will be done on a schedule of her choosing. You are asked to do the following:
a. All dirty laundry must be placed in the receptacles provided for this purpose—this includes socks, which should not be tucked into shoes.
b. All laundry being placed in the receptacles must be in washable condition—socks should not be in little balls, and shirts and other wearing apparel should be turned so they are right side out.
c. Laundry to be washed must be brought down to the laundry room on Motzoai shabbos—please do not expect the laundress to make trips to pick up your laundry.
d. Clean laundry is generally folded and ready to be put away on Thursdays. Please make sure that you check the folded laundry, take what is yours and return the items to drawers.
e. A note about towels: while we appreciate your attention to cleanliness, Chez K_____ has a limited number of towels available. Please keep in mind that towels used for bathing should be used for a week before being sent to be washed.
i. Note to guests; it will be easier on everyone if you remember which towels you have used and don’t use someone else’s towels.
ii. note: hand towels in the bathrooms have expensive and highly useful towel rings and racks to hold them—it is your responsibility to make sure that towels are not thrown any which way but actually get hung up.

Management will be issuing further bulletins to ensure that Chez K_____ meets the highest standards. Please keep in mind that these regulations are really for your own well being and safety.

We thank you for your patronage. Please help us to make your stay enjoyable.


G said...

wearing apparel should be turned so they are right side out.

...and I have my "learn something new every day" moment taken care of before 9:30am.

Forgive my ignorance but what is the difference?

ProfK said...

The washing action in a washing machine takes more than one form. One way is that clothes are agitated in the water--they are moved around, thus loosening dirt and stain particles. Another way they are cleaned is through "rubbing" against each other during the agitation. The rubbing further loosens dirt and stains. Since dirt and stains generally occur on the outside of the garment and only slowly find their way to the inside, the "cleaning power" should be concentrated on the outside of a garment. Dirt particles on the outside of a garment are thus rinsed away easier.

It is also simpler when undressing each night to turn one shirt and one pair of pants to the right side then to have to do so after they are washed, when you are having to turn 6 shirts and 4 pairs of pants. And since it is the "laundress" who has to do the turning for everyone else she just might not be in the kind of good mood on laundry day that her family would like to have her in.

Anonymous said...

Just curious. Did your husband get one of these letters too?

ProfK said...

Yup, he surely did.

Anonymous said...

Life in your house must really get interesting. My kids aren't old enough yet to get the sarcasm, or is that irony?

the apple said...

Could be it isn't necessary, but I wonder if you also publish menus and lists of what is stocked in the pantry to head off cries of "there's nothing to eat."

Juuust kidding. This post made me laugh. :)

ProfK said...

Well, menus no, except for yomim tovim, but I do have an inventory list of the pantries and freezers for shopping and cooking purposes. I suppose it does sort of take care of the "there is nothing to eat" complaining.

Of course, I don't put on that list the cakes and cookies hidden inside of empty frozen spinach bags so that no one finds them before I'm ready to serve them.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had ahd your list a few years back.

SaraK said...

Of course, I don't put on that list the cakes and cookies hidden inside of empty frozen spinach bags so that no one finds them before I'm ready to serve them.