Monday, January 30, 2012

Weather It

It's become a truism in every college that I've ever taught at that on days I am teaching it is either going to rain, snow, ice over, have wind gusts in the 40+ per hour range etc. I was afraid to look at the weather forecast for this week, but a colleague called just now to let me know that my reputation is going to stand this week. Sigh. Monday night expected snow showers and Wednesday night rain.

The news people could save themselves a bundle in hiring weather forecasters for their shows. All they need to do is find out my teaching schedule and the forecasts are set. Gives new meaning to weathering the storm.

Enjoy the sun today while you can. And for those worried about tomorrow, I don't teach tomorrow and the weather will be in the mid to high 50s.

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tesyaa said...

Some people would enjoy having the nice weather on their days off.