Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Natural Time Out

Thank you nature for providing a distraction from all the other weighty matters this week. Our backyard menagerie is finally reaching completion: our blue jays are back. And they are truly in fine form. They showed up yesterday morning and it did not take 5 minutes and they were in a slanging match with an assortment of other birds taking refuge in the shade of a corner of the garden. No other word to describe the way they were going around the garden other than strutting. It's obvious that they believe that fine feathers make fine birds. So far they have not faced off with the cardinals already in residence. That should be a battle royal. Once again I can see that I'm going to be spending some time refereeing our feathered residents.

Adding to the fun and games is the fact that two pairs of blue jays showed up, although not at the same time (easy enough to tell because of the size and patterning of the feathers). So, are those two pairs going to join together to terrorize the rest of backyard residents or are they going to fight each other for supremacy?

Yes, when we move I'm definitely going to miss having a ringside seat for the goings on in my backyard.

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Anonymous said...

Fun! If we're lucky, we get a blue jay, a woodpecker, and a cardinal on their way to somewhere else - and usually a mockingbird. Not enough to get rowdy. In fact, I bet the mourning doves sitting and cooing has a soothing effect on them all.