Monday, May 31, 2010

In Memoriam

For many, Memorial Day and its three-day weekend represent nothing more than a time off from work, a vacation day the federal government has given us. But there's a reason we have Memorial Day.

Feel free to celebrate (or not celebrate) the day any way you wish. But keep in mind that the freedom you are enjoying comes at a price. This day is dedicated to the memory of those soldiers who fell in the line of duty during wars that protected our rights and our freedom. Of all things freedom is not "free": it can come with a heavy price tag, a price paid by many soldiers over the centuries.

I got up this morning free to make whatever plans I want, to do what I want. And I did so because those who are in our military forces are out there watching my back and your back as well. They are on the firing line so that we don't have to be. And for some this has come at the cost of their lives.

It's altogether fitting and proper that we take a moment to think of those whose lives were given in the service of our country and to say thank you for this ultimate sacrifice.


Lion of Zion said...

it is chaval that memorial day is nothing more than a day for shopping sales and bbqs

Miami Al said...


Disagree. Soldiers gave their lives to make defend these United States and her Constitution. Their sacrifice was not in vein when we commemorate their sacrifice by celebrating how it let's us be American... Engaging in commerce and gluttony, celebrating our wealth on a scale unheard of in the world's history.