Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Packed Away but not Forgotten

Thanks to a whole bunch of willing hands, all the Pesach items that are kept in storage around the house are packed away. The house has returned to its normal look, especially the kitchen. Suddenly there is a whole lot more room in that kitchen than I would have sworn was there over the last two weeks. And yet...

Despite the work to get into Pesach I'm sad to see it go. For most of a week we had the luxury of time to sit and talk, not on the phone, not via computer, but face to face. It was a time to reconnect in a way that we are not usually given during the rest of the year. Everyone's schedules were mostly in sync and mealtimes found everyone at the table, ready to eat, but more importantly, ready to connect with all the others. No, the time was not "perfect" but it was truly satisfying.

I got to spend more than a week with my mom. Amazingly, as she and I were talking, I heard new stories, got new bits of information about the family going way back. Yes, more links that connect the past with the present and the future.

The sedorim were beautiful and have taken their place in the memory books we all have. Whatever else may happen over the years to come, no one can take these precious memories away.

Pasta is merrily bubbling away in a pot and the toaster is back in its place. Everyone is back to work as usual. And yes, I miss the slower pace of life during yom tov, I miss the camaraderie. Ah well, time to stop reminiscing and go shopping again--Shabbos is coming up and life is going on.


Lion of Zion said...

i always forget how long it takes to make the apt. chametzdik again.

Mr. Cohen said...

Rema on Shulchan Aruch, Orach Chaim, Siman 296, Sif 2, Sif Katan 12:

When Passover ends, it is our custom to recited Havdalah on liquor [shechar] and not on wine, because it is loved by him.

Mishnah Berurah on Sif Katan 13 explains that this is because we did not drink any all the days of Passover.

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