Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Consumer Recall--Kelloggs

For those who use Kelloggs' cereals, please go to the link below for some information on the recall of some of those cereals.



Lion of Zion said...

i have to follow the fda's alerts for work and i see these types of recalls all the time. but it's funny to see an alert on a kashrut site without any kashrut angle.

ProfK said...


A whole lot of kosher consumers who not only don't follow the FDA alerts but have no idea who or what the FDA is. Since the cereals being recalled are Kosher and under hashgochah with a "K" on the package (according to the Star K) they are possibly being used by people who may be reading this blog but who don't follow the FDA recalls. Consider it by way of a public courtesy and a way to spread information that may not be getting out to the end users in other fashions.