Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Hot Water Urn Update

Thanks millions to the reader who sent me an email asking for the information on the UL hot water urn I mentioned in an earlier posting, and which I failed to give the information for.

The manufacturer is Innovative Consumer.
The model # is MB490--4.8 liters.
This urn is UL certified.
It is not one of the flower patterned urns. It has a sort of brushed steel outside with a black plastic top.

My husband believes there is a larger urn also available from this company but I don't have a model # for it.

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kurkevan said...

Hi, I was looking for a replacement lid for the Innovative Consumer urn you mentioned in this (by now ancient) post. It seems that you are one of the only remaining references on the web to this company! So... do you by any chance have a contact # for the manufacturer?

Thanks so much!